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Prospective members are asked to submit applications for consideration. 

All membership applications must be reviewed for recommendation by the Premier Group Membership Committee before being submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.Members must be approved by the Board of Directors.

About Premier Group Network 

Established in 1997, Premier Catalog Group AKA Premier Group Network is 501(c)6 non-profit trade organization and an alliance of top industry suppliers and independent distributors that partner together to build their businesses. We are a unique and successful group focused on improving business through shared experiences, close relationships and partnership, and great pricing/support programs.   

Our Mission 

Our mission is to contribute to the success and growth of individual member companies through a unique partnering structure that promotes best industry pricing, encourages information sharing, and fosters strong business relationships. 

Why Premier Group Is Unique 

Distributor and supplier members of Premier Group Network have equal stake and voice in organization policies, governance and structure. It is this that distinguishes Premier Group Network from traditional partnering groups where suppliers are preferred vendors and have more competition within a certain product category. As such, PG aims to minimize the number of suppliers in a product category and only adds new suppliers that can offer a distinct value proposition to the group.   

New Supplier Applications  

Supplier applications must demonstrate how a company fits into the existing Premier Group Network membership and focus on what differentiates them from our current supplier members. Additionally, applications from suppliers that represent categories already represented should emphasize any strategic advantage PG distributor members will be afforded should and invitation for membership be extended.  

PG Current Membership 

To complete the application, you will need to know the composition of our existing membership community.
Click here to review a list of our current supplier members. Please email Dana Geiger to learn more about our distributor member companies.

Discovery Process  - Does PG Membership Make Sense?

  • Review the PG website to see the types of events planned as well as understand the culture of our association. Premier Group Network website. 
  • Review the application for membership for the details of what is required by and provided to Premier Group Network members to determine if membership would be a good fit for your company. View the application here.
  • Review the current membership to determine if your company fills a space not currently represented by our supplier members and what strategic advantage you can offer members. 
  • If you would like to connect to continue the discovery process  please click here to schedule a meeting with Executive Director Dana Geiger

Membership Costs & Requirements

  • $3500 Annual Fee 
  • $5000 Initiation Fee
  • Participation in annual catalog (Ranges base on submission - 12 item minimum - $167 per item)
  • Cost to attend annual meeting (Approx $3-4K annually)
  • Distributor Member subsidy at annual meeting (Ranges from 4500 - $3100 depending on sales volume in group)
  • Participation in Membership Rebate Program (Varies per sales in group)
  • 2 Year initial commitement


Suppliers often join Premier Group prior to the new calendar year with enough time to be included in the upcoming catalog (submitting application in the 4th quarter of the year). As such we ask for all interested suppliers to make application by August 15. However, if an interested supplier would like to submit an application earlier in the year for review, the Board will determine if the supplier application will be processed before Q4.   

SUPPLIER APPLICATION - Deadline August 15 Annually

Once you determine you would like to apply for membership with Premier Group Network complete the application in full before submitting it for review.

Upon receipt membership applications are reviewed for recommendation by the Premier Group Network Membership Committee before being submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Members must be approved by the Board of Directors.

To Apply 

Step 1: Click here to complete an online application.

Step 2: You may request a PDF application and send completed application can be submitted electronically with any attachments to dana@premiergroupnetwork.com or mail to: Premier Group Network 249 Central Park Avenue, Suite 300-101 Virginia Beach, VA 23462

  • Upon receipt of application you will received a confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive this please call or email Executive Director, Dana Geiger.
  • The membership committee and Board will process all applications according to association procedures. 
  • Suppliers who submit application will be informed by Nov 1 if their application is approved or denied. 




249 Central Park Avenue  Suite 300-101 Virginia Beach, VA 23462






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